Wednesday, February 23, 2011

843 Rambling Oaks - here we come.

we're moving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

to our first house as mr. & mrs

843 Rambling Oaks, Norman, OK, 73072. It's a townhouse in west Norman and it's DOG FRIENDLY and has a fireplace, a balcony off the master bedroom, a fenced backyard, and enough closet space to fulfill my shoe fixation storage needs. sigh.

so in addition to my usual 40+ hours of workity work work work, we now have packing & cleaning &c to do. I don't even care. I can't wait to fill my new home with books and antiques and pretty little things. (all kyle's sports posters/frank zappa posters/xbox games are being relocated to the "mancave," aka, our third bedroom. He can go wild with all his "man things" in there and I will be content to decorate the rest of the house and remain blissfully ignorant to what's in there)

Our New Townhouse <3

Now, we just have to make sure the doxies don't disturb our neighbors...and pray for thick walls :/ 

Coming Soon:

Wedding/Canon Beach honeymooon (May 5-May 12)
European Honeymoon (Aug 3-Aug 28)
Back to School (Fall 2011) 

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