Wednesday, February 23, 2011

843 Rambling Oaks - here we come.

we're moving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

to our first house as mr. & mrs

843 Rambling Oaks, Norman, OK, 73072. It's a townhouse in west Norman and it's DOG FRIENDLY and has a fireplace, a balcony off the master bedroom, a fenced backyard, and enough closet space to fulfill my shoe fixation storage needs. sigh.

so in addition to my usual 40+ hours of workity work work work, we now have packing & cleaning &c to do. I don't even care. I can't wait to fill my new home with books and antiques and pretty little things. (all kyle's sports posters/frank zappa posters/xbox games are being relocated to the "mancave," aka, our third bedroom. He can go wild with all his "man things" in there and I will be content to decorate the rest of the house and remain blissfully ignorant to what's in there)

Our New Townhouse <3

Now, we just have to make sure the doxies don't disturb our neighbors...and pray for thick walls :/ 

Coming Soon:

Wedding/Canon Beach honeymooon (May 5-May 12)
European Honeymoon (Aug 3-Aug 28)
Back to School (Fall 2011) 

Thursday, February 10, 2011

(required) reading is sexy

Most of the books I read for entertainment are mistaken for required reading.  I'm re-reading Bleak House for what SEEMS like the millionth time, but is, in actuality, the fourth. Maybe it seems like the millionth time because there are a million pages. Regardless, I love getting lost in Victorian England and spending my afternoons with colorful characters and forgetting about modern day troubles. One of my favorite regulars at work is a true Dickensian, with the proper trio of letters after his name as validation, and is one of the few people I've met who I can discuss this book with. He's also got to be close to 70 years old.

I feel alone in a world where people want to continually write modern sequels to Jane Austen books, or where the only classic worth reading is a zombie version.

One of my favorite original Bleak House illustrations

I find merit in and 
get lost in and 
fall in love with 

modern literature too, but it will never replace my love for the macabre gothic novels of the eighteenth and nineteenth century or the coming-of-age existential bildungsroman-esque novels of Victorian England. 

I'm really in love with Penguin's new clothbound classics *available at anthropologie* which I hope will put more glamour into "required reading." 

this being said, i think i'll curl up with my dachshunds and my book. 

Monday, February 7, 2011

meet our fam

I decided to create a written record of my life -- my boy, my dogs, my dreams, my home. 

Kyle and I are soon-to-be-married twenty-somethings in love with each other, our lives, travel, and our dogs.  

the boy and i at our favorite coffee shop

[the king of the house, Ned Kingsly Plimpton Zissou Riddles]

Ned likes to sleep in the crooks of legs, go for daily walks and park visits, and to hoard his bones under the coffee table.  He's a terrier mix but don't let his jack russell appearance deceive you - he's not only calm but always sleeping and lazy.   
He rules the house with an iron paw. 

The Queen of our lives & resident laundress,  Mighty Dog. 
Mighty Dog (not a feminine name, though she's a feminine lady) is the queen of our hearts, our house, and our entire block. She romps through the neighborhood with her head held high, chasing squirrels and hunting for small rodents. She also has first call on clean laundry and won't let us fold or put away anything until she has soaked all the heat out. She's a fierce swimmer and has tackled the atlantic ocean from the oregon coast farther than most water dogs would swim. 

My littlest // we're inseperable

Samson is the love and light of my life (uh, well, besides kyle) - he's almost one year old, and always with me anywhere he is allowed. Vacations, grocery shopping, pharmacy trips, errands, coffee stops, liquor store, always. He sleeps right next to me and we're the very best of friends. He likes to torture his sibs and eat, eat, eat.

We hope you enjoy following the daily lives of our little family. <3 <3.